Beansmith Coffee – Tigerlily Espresso

Beansmith Coffee – Tigerlily Espresso

Our premium espresso blend is named for its amazing striping in its buttery crema. This Northern Italian style espresso is carefully roasted to a “full city” roast, yielding a flavorful shot that’s not over-roasted or burnt tasting. Home baristas and coffee shop pros have been raving about this espresso, and we consider it to be our definitive blend.

This season’s Tigerlily presents a silky body with soft fruit notes and a hint of earthiness.


Espresso blending is a relatively young art, and has gone through many trends over the course of the past 100 years.  Crema-obsessed traditional  Italian blends (that include robusta) have given way to  “bold” American French roast blends, and more recently, to a new world of lighter roasted blends and even single origin espressos that boast exciting notes of tangy goodness.

Whether it is to be used as the base of a frothy latte, or to be sipped as a stand-alone treat, Beansmith is always chasing the perfect shot.  We pull our inspiration from the art of blending that has come before us, but challenge ourselves to discover whatever is around the next corner, playing off the intense flavors of today’s specialty coffees.

We offer espressos that range from familiar to challenging, letting taste be our guide.

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Toby’s Estate Coffee – Brazil Sertao

Toby’s EstateBrazil Sertao

Fazenda Sertao owners, José Isidro Pereira and his wife Nazareth Dias Pereira inherited Sertao in the 1940s. Today, their children Franciso, Luiz, Paulo, Glycia and Sandra manage the 270 hectare farm. Located on a mountainside, Sertao’s uniquely high altitude results in the perfect microclimate for growing delicious and beautifully sweet coffee.


TASTING NOTES Almond milk, brown sugar and wildflower honey
REGION Carmo De Minas
PRODUCER José Isidro Pereira
ELEVATION 1100-1450 meters
VARIETY Catucai, Bourbon and Catuai
ROAST Filter


“Sertao is a delicious addition to our spring filter offerings – with its honey sweetness and floral undertones it’s a perfect compliment to the warmer months.” – Jacob Thornhill, Roaster

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Passion House Coffee – Chicago House Blend

Passion House Coffee – Chicago House Blend

Named after our love for house music and for the great city where we grew up and live. This coffee is funky, fresh, and will make you move.  It is well balanced with a nice body, citrus flavors and rounds out at the end.

Tasting Notes:

Hi: citrus zest, aromatic

Mid: roasted almonds, wildflower honey

Lo: milk chocolate, caramel



An Open Approach to Coffee
We’re here to provide an open approach to the world of specialty coffee. That is why we  took the time to create AME, our genre program.
Ambient: These simple beauties allow you to be either fully engaged in its subtle complexity or just gulp it down
Mainstream: You don’t need to be embarrassed because you love them, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the balance we expertly craft.
Experimental: These coffees push the boundaries of what you know coffee to be.


The Pursuit of Great Coffee
Finding unique coffee takes our search all over the globe to bring you a quality cup from truly special small lot focused farms. We support farmers that dedicate their time to the intense care that is needed to grow and process coffee with intricately developed flavor profiles that end up in your cup at home.


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Devocion Coffee – Colombia Citrus Blend

Devocion CoffeeColombia Citrus Blend

Devoción is the finest and freshest coffee, pure and simple. Our coffee beans are sourced from farms we hand-select from within the vast untamed regions of our nation. Deep in Colombia’s most inaccessible zones, we develop long-term relationships with coffee growers, paying fair-trade prices and above, while establishing social and environmental programs to help secure their future. We bring progress and pride to growers in regions that have suffered during Colombia’s long-lasting internal conflict. All our beans are dry milled in Bogota, and rapidly shipped to the USA via FedEx for roasting. This means we can guarantee newly roasted, ultra-fresh coffee, so that the cup you hold in your hands still breathes the mists of the Colombian campo.

Orange, Mandarin Peel, Lemongrass, Lemon

Variety: Caturra and Tipica
Region: Tolima
Altitude: 1900 MASL


Colombia is the only country in the world where coffee is a year-round crop. All of our coffee is dry-milled in Bogota. From the mills we select the finest beans, place them in burlap sacks, and ship to the United States. They arrive at our Brooklyn roasting plant ten days later. Other coffee roasters take anywhere from three to twelve months to roast their beans; you will notice the difference in your first sip.

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Barrington Coffee – Ethiopia Hambela

Barrington Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Hambela

Origin- Ethiopia
Region- Oromia
Locality- Alaka District
Producer- Hambela Coffee Estate
Altitude- 6234 – 7218’
Varietal- Heirlooms
Process- Washed and Sun dried on raised beds
Roast- Light

We received a 96 point score for this coffee in March of 2016 from Coffee Review!

Alluring aroma of curry leaf, flavors of mandarin orange and spice box including cardamom and cumin. Sweet and complex with a rich mouthfeel. We recommend this coffee for all drip methods as well as press pot.


The Hambela Coffee Estate has a rich history. Hambela was founded by Muluemebet Emiru who received this land through a government grant for her service as Africa’s first woman pilot in 1934. The farm continues to be owned and operated by Muluemebet’s family as a part of their agricultural development project called Muluemebet Emiru Agricultural Development (METAD)Their workforce is comprised of seventy percent women and has an elementary school on the farm for worker’s children. The school currently has an enrollment of more than three hundred students. METAD offers healthcare to all of their employees and they offer healthcare to all of their employees and work closely with the non profit organization Grounds for Health. In addition, Hambela has the only coffee quality control lab on the African continent that is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

As the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange governs so much of the coffee currently exported from Ethiopia, the Hambela Coffee Estate is one of the very few Ethiopian coffees which maintains its provenance and identity as a single farm produced coffee.

After repose, this coffee is sealed in Grain-Pro barrier packaging at origin and then send on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program.

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Klatch Coffee – WBC World’s Best Espresso


Klatch CoffeeWorld’s Best Espresso

Best Espresso in the world. World’s Best Espresso was awarded Best Espresso in World at 2007 World Barista Championship in Tokyo, Japan. The competition espresso won the honor over 45 competing countries. World’s Best features three legendary beans, Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Sumatra Lake Tawar, and Ethiopian Natural. Each roasted separately then blended together for peak flavor.

On our standard WBC, your first taste is chocolate and citrus with orange being the prominent citrus. Your second and final sip will turn syrupy sweet with wine like berry and spice adding to the mix.




DOSE: 20 grams [ double ]
TEMPERATURE: 203 degrees
TIME: 26 – 28 seconds
VOLUME: 1.7 – 2.0 oz

REGION: Global
FARM: Various
FARMER: Various
ROAST: Medium
NOTES:Awarded World’s Best Espresso

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Kean Coffee – Panama Lerida Estate

Kean Coffee – Panama Lerida Estate

From his visits to the Boquete valley in Panama, home to some of the most amazing coffees in the world, Martin has maintained a relationship with the Chiari family for years, and we’re proud to have this wonderful offering.
kean bag

Semi-sweet chocolate and cherry notes complement vanilla and honey aromas, with a syrupy body and lively, green apple acidity. This is a beautifully balanced coffee with a pleasingly exotic flavor.

Light to Medium Roast

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Photos courtesy Kean Coffee.

Metropolis Coffee – Mocha Java Blend

The wildness of the Mocha coffee complements the smoothness of the Java coffee.

Metropolis Coffee – Mocha Java Blend

Going back to the origins of coffee, the earliest known blend was a combination of Arabian (Yemen) Mocha Coffee and Indonesian Java Arabica Coffee. The wildness of the Mocha coffee complements the smoothness of the Java coffee.

We decided to bring back a classic by adding Mocha-Java to our year-round menu. This version of the iconic blend pairs a sundried Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with a big bold Sumatra, resulting in endless layers of fudge, blueberry, caramel, strawberry, and oak. If this Mocha-Java was a wine, it would be Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy at will.





Chocolate, Blueberry, Caramel, Earth

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