Barrington Coffee – Ethiopia Hambela

Barrington Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Hambela

Origin- Ethiopia
Region- Oromia
Locality- Alaka District
Producer- Hambela Coffee Estate
Altitude- 6234 – 7218’
Varietal- Heirlooms
Process- Washed and Sun dried on raised beds
Roast- Light

We received a 96 point score for this coffee in March of 2016 from Coffee Review!

Alluring aroma of curry leaf, flavors of mandarin orange and spice box including cardamom and cumin. Sweet and complex with a rich mouthfeel. We recommend this coffee for all drip methods as well as press pot.


The Hambela Coffee Estate has a rich history. Hambela was founded by Muluemebet Emiru who received this land through a government grant for her service as Africa’s first woman pilot in 1934. The farm continues to be owned and operated by Muluemebet’s family as a part of their agricultural development project called Muluemebet Emiru Agricultural Development (METAD)Their workforce is comprised of seventy percent women and has an elementary school on the farm for worker’s children. The school currently has an enrollment of more than three hundred students. METAD offers healthcare to all of their employees and they offer healthcare to all of their employees and work closely with the non profit organization Grounds for Health. In addition, Hambela has the only coffee quality control lab on the African continent that is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

As the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange governs so much of the coffee currently exported from Ethiopia, the Hambela Coffee Estate is one of the very few Ethiopian coffees which maintains its provenance and identity as a single farm produced coffee.

After repose, this coffee is sealed in Grain-Pro barrier packaging at origin and then send on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program.

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Barrington Coffee – Boston’s Finest

Extraordinary quality coffee. Direct from the world’s finest farms. Grown with environmentally sustainable methods. Purchased far above the pricing floor established for equitable trade. This is Barrington Coffee.

This week we wanted to showcase one of our fabulous roasters: Barrington Coffee. They have two cafes in Boston and recently was named Boston’s Best coffee roaster by The Improper Bostonian. Here is a peak behind the scenes. You can find a full array of coffees at


Gregg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson founded Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in 1993. Having met in college, they quickly discovered their common love of everything coffee. Barth, an environmental scientist by education, was drawn to coffee at the age of 14 and he clearly hasn’t shaken it since. Gregg started roasting coffee during his college years for a local coffeehouse and continued while building a career in art restoration. This combination of art and science is the foundation of their success.

Devotion, total commitment, fanaticism: these are good words to describe the power-coffee duo. Their commitment at Barrington Coffee is hands-on. Decidedly not a giant corporate empire, on any given day Gregg and Barth can be seen unloading bags of green coffee, cupping the new crop of Ethiopian beans or roasting for the day’s production.

Over the years, Barrington Coffee has grown to include a select staff of coffee driven professionals. Together with Gregg and Barth, this team is responsible for preparing coffee each day at the Roastery in Lee, MA. A steady stream of coffee-centric conversation with customers and local devotees stopping by to pick up a quick bag of Barrington Gold Espresso Blend are all part of the daily culture at the Roastery.

If you would like to learn more about the personal history of Barrington Coffee, check out Rebecca Gray’s book, American Artisanal: Finding the Country’s Best Real Food, from Cheese to Chocolate. An entire chapter of her book has been devoted to Barrington Coffee.

Barrington Awards

  • Boston’s Best – The Improper Bostonian
  • Top Three Coffees of 2013 – Coffee Review
  • Good Food Award Winner 2011
  • Featured in the Boston Globe, Forbes, and Martha Stewart Living
  • Boston’s Best – CBS 
  • Seven 95+ Coffee Scores


Our passion is to discover the finest and most exciting coffees from around the world each season, roast them to perfection and deliver them fresh to our customers. We believe a truly great coffee should be roasted to highlight its inherent quality without imparting overwhelming roast. This is why you will notice such a difference in Barrington Coffee.

The unifying thread that ties our coffees together is the exceptional quality they offer in the cup. They hail from the finest coffee farms in the world and come to exist, first and foremost by virtue of the great effort and care that has been devoted to their production. We applaud the individuals that grow our coffees by paying generously for the fruits of their labor and singing their praises on our website. We believe that directly supporting quality driven producers is the ideal manner in which to promote sound, responsible growing practices, economic sustainability, and ultimately the best quality coffee.


We identify and source extraordinary quality coffees from the finest coffee farms in the world. These coffees exist first and foremost by virtue of the great care and effort that has been devoted to their production; the farmers we work with who pursue excellence in coffee. Each growing season we select our coffees from these farms and each day of the week we carefully roast them for you.

Quality. We select coffees based upon their extraordinary quality in the cup. Our coffees regularly score 90 points or above when vetted by professional coffee quality analysts.

Direct. We source our coffees from multi-generation family farms, cutting edge farming collaborations, and coffee growing cooperatives. In some instances, the relationships we have cultivated date back to our earliest days sourcing coffees in the early 1990’s.

Sustainable. Our coffees are grown in complex natural agricultural systems by farmers who employ environmentally sustainable methods for their coffee production.

Equitable. We purchase all of our coffees at prices far above the pricing floor established for equitable trade.

Extraordinary quality coffee. Direct from the world’s finest farms. Grown with environmentally sustainable methods. Purchased far above the pricing floor established for equitable trade. This is Barrington Coffee.

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