Victrola Coffee – Honey, Natural, Washed Costa Rican Coffee

There are many things that contribute to the final taste of the coffee in your cup every morning. Among those are: freshness of the coffee (both from harvest and roast date), grind size, brewing options, terrior, etc. Two factors that play a huge role are the coffee processing and coffee roasting. Victrola Coffee has partnered with Costa Rican coffee farmer Alberto Guardia of Hacienda Sonora to bring us a tasting tour of the three major ways to process coffee. You can read their full blog post and tasting notes for the three coffees here. Be sure to check out our current offerings from Victrola Coffee at

*Photos courtesy of Victrola Coffee


What 8 Words and Symbols on a Bag of Coffee Mean

National Coffee Association Blog

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By Drew Moody

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Buying coffee can be tricky. Each bag of beans features lots of information, and it can be difficult to sort through it all to figure out what will end up in your cup.

Here’s what a few of the most common phrases and symbols tell you. 

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